Archives: August 2012

Kickoff of College Football Season

This weekend marks the long-awaited kickoff of college football season. The blessing (and the curse) of living in the Triangle is the plethoraof opportunities you have to catch a game on any given Saturday in Fall. This inaugural weekend of gridiron glory is no different. If you can’t make it to the tailgate, rest assured every […]

Facts About Short Sales

Foreclosure on a home has consequences for the family, the community, the housing market and the economy. However, the option for a short sale does provide a way for troubled homeowners to prevent foreclosure and many of the dire penalties involved. What is a short sale? A short sale is an agreement in which your […]

Understanding Foreclosures – Part One

With all the talk about foreclosure circulating around, it can be easy to get a little confused. You may wonder what a foreclosure actually means, and, furthermore, if you are facing foreclosure, what are your options? In this two-part series, we will briefly and simply answer these questions to help you better understand the ins […]